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I have been in love with horses (both real and model) ever since I can remember! My father bought me my first Breyer model (a palomino grazing foal that I still have) when I was 3 and I started taking riding lessons shortly thereafter! The models were gerat but I longed for a horse of my own. My dream came true when I was 12 and I got my first "real" horse. "J.R." was a crazy 3 year old Thoroughbred off of Belmont track. It was love at first sight. He taught me so much about riding, horses and the bond that can be formed between a girl and her horse. I will always miss him.

I collected OF models and made tack for them until I was 17. Real horses and real life took over and I sold my collection of 600+ models to buy a car. I still believe that it was one of my worst decisions ever! I so missed the model horse hobby, watching the Christmas catalogs and tack shops for new models. But it wouldn't be until I had my son JD (born on my 26th Birthday January 11th 2004) that model horses would once again step into my life. I decided that I would not send my son to day care so I needed a job where I could stay at home and work. I saw the beautiful models on ebay and decided to  try my hand at customizing... 4 years later and this business has grown bigger and better then I ever imagined. Thank you to all of my customers and fans, Without you this would never be possible!

I turned 30 this year (yikes!) and I can finally say that I am the happiest I have ever been! I have a wonderful Husband, Ken and I were married September 23, 2007 out at the farm where we keep our. Together we now have 4 horses; King, Jett, Ami (who we will be breeding this spring) , and Junior the pony! Our Boys (Ken's son Andrew is 11 and J.D. who just turned 4) help every day with the barn chores and are becoming really good little cowboys!

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